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Harris Scott  that guy with no life.
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April 18,

missing the mini munchkin days. such a beauty.

April 17,

selfie sunday? yay or nay?

April 17,

oh baby, oh baby.

April 16,

you know you are too.

April 16,

i understand 0 things about this. future breakdown moves? what is tennis?

April 13,

i'm going to fail so hard. where's the extra credit at?

April 10,

bar hoppin' good times.

April 9,

this is how to get all the hot dates.

April 7,

this is awesome. what a hoot!

April 6,

one, two, three...LIFT!

April 3,

diving into the horror now!

March 29,

i see stink eye. do you see it? i see it. no, its not my feet.